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Small Skillet

Small Skillet

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This is The Solo Blacksmith hand-made carbon steel pan. 
Perfect for daily use. Can be used on gas, electric, convection and induction hobs as well as in the oven or over an open fire while camping. At 700g, it is very light and easy to move around

This pan is for you. 'You' the person that is sick of your non-stick pans that are scratched to death after a year and now leaching toxic garbage into your food. The same pan with a loose riveted handle that's barely holding on.

Or those of you that love their cast iron but want to flirt with newer, slimmer cookware - something that gets hot fast and loves to be tossed around! 

Surprisingly, on the stove-top the handles of these pans stay cool to the touch. 

Made to last lifetimes with proper care


  • 150mm base diameter
  • 40mm (minimum) deep
  • 200mm lip to lip diameter
  • Long, steel-riveted handle 
  • Weight: 700g 

Please note: If items are not in stock we will do our best to make your order asap but there may be a lead time of up to 2 weeks.

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