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To build and grow your crafts
of functional homewares with rustic beauty

My name is Solomon and I am The Solo Blacksmith. I aim to share with you the skills and products of an ancient craft.

My passion lies in teaching the self-reliant craft of forging. I hope these workshops will be able to accelerate the learning process of hobby blacksmiths or simply provide an interesting experience for people to enjoy. 

Building on traditional methods and using time-tested materials, I focus on a useful, rough and ready, pared back design. I believe raw materials are given value by skilled hands and time of the maker; it can turn a piece of scrap into long lasting objects of daily use.

Steel can be forged to make so much but creating functional tools is what drew me into this craft; pans for the kitchen, chisels to turn bowls, axes and knives to whittle spoons and endless possibilities abound.

Simple handmade products for the truly materialistic. Fewer, better things.

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Making something from scratch imbues pride

The Solo Blacksmith started from an innate feeling of pride that came from making. It's human to need tools and gratifying to create them yourself.

With some basic forging skills I could be self sufficient. Resourceful. With the knowledge to make tools, any craft was in reach and all challenges could be overcome.

By making tools yourself and understanding the processes, you develop an awareness of material things. Respectful of Provenance. Where things come from and how they were made.

As you begin to create, you appreciate the details. But also, look past the imperfections of the maker. The products I make are Simple & Sustainable.

  • Cendrine

    Do this course! If you'd like to experience something truly unique then join Solomon for a fabulous day in his studio . . .

  • Lucy

    We had such a great day making knives under Solo’s expert tutelage. Clear instructions and plenty of help made the course super accessible for complete beginners - we could not be happier with our knives!

  • Annie

    Knife making course was exceptional! I did it with three friends and Solomon was a very tolerant, patient and talented teacher . . .