Knife Making Class

Forge, grind and handle a knife

About this experience

Bash out a blade from spring steel to use in the kitchen, the field or where ever you need a sharp edge. Be it stone, bronze or steel humans have all ways had knives, time for you to make one for yourself.

This one day knife making class is hosted at the Auckland workshop. Over the day you will forge a piece of recycled steel. Use power tools to grind in the shape. Then heat treat to make the steel hard but flexible, and finally fit a wooden handle to make it truly your own.

Classes start at 8:30am and usually run until 5pm. Further information/instruction will be sent upon inquiry. Reserve your place using the booking form before proceeding to checkout

Knife-making class dates are:
Jan 22nd,
Feb 5th, 20th,
Mar 5th, 6th and 19th 

Your Host

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Solomon has spent years tinkering in the shed to what has culminated in the skills and passion for blacksmithing and a love of teaching others. Although he won't admit it himself, he is truly a master craftsman.