My name is Solomon Marshall and I am the Solo Blacksmith. I aim to share with you the skills and products of a forgotten craft. I have been a hobbysmith since 2014 and am self-taught with input from books, the internet and fellow smiths.  Though I offer forged pieces for sale, my passion lies in teaching the self-reliant craft of forging and I will be holding workshops later in 2019. I hope these workshops will be able to accelerate the learning process of other hobby blacksmiths or simply provide an interesting experience for people to enjoy. 

Building on traditional methods and using time-tested materials, I focus on a useful, rough and ready, pared back designI believe cheap, raw materials are given value by skilled hands and time of the maker and can turn a piece of scrap into long lasting objects of daily use. Steel can be forged to make so much but creating functional tools such as pans for the kitchen, chisels to turn bowls, axes and knives to whittle spoons is what drew me into this craft.

Simple handmade products for the truly materialistic. Fewer better things.