Cancellation Policy


Classes Cancellation

Stuff happens. If you have made a booking and something changes, send me an email as soon as you know and we will try to make other arrangements. Ideally, you’ll still want to do your course and we can get you on another one. Sometimes, with all best intentions, you can’t make it to your course at the last minute. I get it, and I don’t want to see you out of pocket. I will always try to fill spaces and act in good faith to provide the possibility of refund or rebooking. If I have run out of other options I may keep booking fees or some of your booking fees to cover the losses from the cancellation.

1. Refunds or booking transfer will be offered for any cancellation up to 7 days prior to the course commencement. Refunds will be equal to the course cost minus online booking and credit card fees.

2. Refunds or rebooking for any cancellation within 7 days of course commencement will be made on a case-by-case basis. The Solo Blacksmith reserves the right to not provide any refund, or charge rebooking fees if a transfer option is offered. Special consideration may be given if the space can be filled by The Solo Blacksmith by way of waiting-lists or late bookings.

3. Booked courses that can no longer be attended by the purchaser can be transferred to any other person provided the attendee meets any course restrictions (i.e. age) and notifies The Solo Blacksmith of the transfer.

4. In the case of courses being cancelled by The Solo Blacksmith due to sickness of the instructor, government restrictions or any other unforeseen event, customers will be provided a full refund or the option to transfer their course to another mutually suitable date.

My name is Solomon and I am The Solo Blacksmith. I aim to share with you the skills and products of an ancient craft.

My passion lies in teaching the self-reliant craft of forging. I hope these workshops will be able to accelerate the learning process of hobby blacksmiths or simply provide an interesting experience for people to enjoy. 

Building on traditional methods and using time-tested materials, I focus on a useful, rough and ready, pared back design. I believe raw materials are given value by skilled hands and time of the maker; it can turn a piece of scrap into long lasting objects of daily use.

Steel can be forged to make so much but creating functional tools is what drew me into this craft; pans for the kitchen, chisels to turn bowls, axes and knives to whittle spoons and endless possibilities abound.

Simple handmade products for the truly materialistic. Fewer, better things.