Blacksmithing Tool Class
Blacksmithing Tool Class
Blacksmithing Tool Class

Blacksmithing Tool Class

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Classes are "Sold Out", as I fulfill current orders and set-up calendar systems to meet demand.  Some week day classes can still be offered, email first for information. 

A class dedicated to beginner blacksmiths. Start to build your toolkit; the skills, knowledge and tools for you to continue the craft

Choose either tongs or hammer to make in this one day class:

Tongs are an essential tool for forging. Make a pair of tongs using the method I use and some of the tools required in this one day class.

Punch, drift and forge a billet of glowing hot steel to produce a hammer that will forever be yours. Work as a striker/director team with classmates to shape your blacksmith banger. Make a cross pein, straight pein, or rounding hammer up to 3.5 pounds

One day tong making class is hosted at the Auckland workshop. Classes start at 9am and usually run until 5pm. Further information/instruction will be sent upon inquiry.

Contact me to arrange a time that works for you

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